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SU Australia works alongside churches and communities to give children, young people and their families opportunities to discover life in God’s big story.

This means that children and young people are always at the heart, driving everything we do.

In a world of pain, suffering and complexity we know there is another story – a story of hope.

A story where young people are invited to be part of something bigger than themselves – to find purpose and connection.

We exist to see every child and young person given the opportunity to experience this story.


Scripture Union, or SU’s story began just over 150 years ago, when Josiah Spiers brought the Bible to life as he shared ‘God’s big story’ with 15 children in London.

In SU’s early years, Josiah wrote ‘God is love’ on the sand of a Welsh beach during the summer school holidays of 1868 and invited the children playing on the beach to decorate it with seashells. 

Since then, SU has been inviting children, young people and their families to discover life in God’s big and unfolding story in more than 120 nations around the world – including Australia. 

For over 140 years, countless young Australians have been discovering belonging, hope and purpose in a story bigger than themselves through SU movements across our nation. 

Coming together in 2021 across different States and Territories, along with Generate (NSW), we are now a united, national movement, one body with many local expressions – because our heart is to meet local needs.

  • God Is Love Scripture Union Australia

A word from the executive

“I love the impact that SU has on supporting children in meaningful ways, giving opportunity for safe relationships for all while sharing and demonstrating life of relevance today.”


Our Executive team live and breathe SU — here’s a bit about them…

Peter James
Group CEO

Peter James is the Group CEO of SU Australia. He has been involved with SU since the 1990’s and is an experienced leader of for-purpose organisations. Peter has spent numerous years on various boards, legal organisations and as a young man was an enthusiastic SU Camper. Peter’s early experiences on these SU camps influenced him greatly, and now he has a big heart to see our next generation discovering life and hope in God’s big story. As SU Australia’s flagship captain, Peter leads the organisation with wisdom, empathy and a heart that is strongly rooted in Christ.

Sue Hanlon
Chief of Staff

Sue Hanlon is the Chief of Staff for SU Australia. She has been hands-on involved in SU ministries for over eight years, working first in regional Queensland and now based in Brisbane. Sue has a special passion for our regional communities and seeing people find rich fulfilment in their work. A natural encourager, Sue brings heart and warmth to the SU Australia leadership team, and her people-focused nature is highly valued.

Luke Van Luik
Group Director, Shared Services

Luke Van Luik is the Group Director of SU Australia’s Shared Services. Originally hailing from South Africa, Luke has been working in the financial management space for over 16 years and has a real passion for working with people-focused organisations. Over his career, Luke has spent a number of years working in management positions across the United Kindgom, and he brings a logical and fresh perspective to the leadership team at SU Australia.

Jenni Dobbin
Group Director, East Zone

Jenni Dobbin is the East Zone Group Director, and manages SU Australia ministries across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Jenni is somewhat of a matriarch of SU ministries, having been passionately involved for over 25 years. She started her SU journey as a school chaplain, and brings great sensitivity and insight to the organisation. Jenni’s strong faith underpins everything she does, and her timely encouragement is a rich asset to the leadership team.

James Angus
Acting Group Director, Mission Support

James Angus is the Acting Group Director of SU Australia’s Mission Support team. Since 2008, James has worked across a variety of fundraising, systems and strategic management roles in Scripture Union. James’ heart is to help missions happen across Australia, which he delivers through his creative approaches to problem solving. He works collaboratively to see these ideas come to fruition within the team. His thoughtful insights and vast experience are a great asset to the leadership team.

Leanne Palmer
Group Director, South Zone

Leanne Palmer is the South Zone Acting Group Director, and manages mission across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT. Leanne has been involved with SU ministries since 2014 and is passionate about providing opportunities and experiences for our young people to discover joy, community and connection. Her productive and dedicated nature is a great asset to the leadership team and she brings a fresh perspective to new possibilities for the mission.

Kent Morgan
Acting Group Director, Engage & Equip

Kent Morgan is the Acting Group Director of SU Australia’s Engage and Equip team. Kent is a lifelong SU participant and volunteer credits SU with many foundational influences in his life. His memories and faith walk has SU woven through it – from being a camp kid to the lifelong friendships, skills and deeper faith experience that came from SU programs and volunteering. Kent has been on staff since 2002 in community programs, risk management, training, church consultancy and leadership roles. He was the CEO/State director of Scripture Union Western Australia before the formation of SU Australia.

Ian Cumming
Group Director, North Zone

Ian Cumming is the North Zone Group Director, and manages SU Australia’s largest geographical area across the top-third of Australia. Ian has been involved with SU ministries for over a decade and has a real passion to see both young people and youth workers thriving and living a full life. Ian pairs wisdom with a deep commitment to SU ministries and he isn’t afraid to forge new paths to grow mission in our ever-changing society. His loyal and organised nature brings great depth to SU Australia’s leadership team.

2022 Annual Report

We are so grateful to share our 2022 Annual Report from our first full year of operation. This report attests to the amazing work God is doing in local communities across Australia through the ongoing and faithful support of our SU Australia family of donors, prayer partners, volunteers and staff.

Download the 2022 Annual Report


ChildSafe Australia exists to serve organisations and individuals working with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety.

As part of the SU Australia family, ChildSafe works to…

  • Listen to the child safety needs of organisations
  • Support organisations in their policy and practice
  • Help organisations with their copliance of the National and State Child Safety Standards
  • Delivering quality ChildSafe materials and services
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Generate was formed in 2005 as a joint ministry of Scripture Union NSW, Sydney Anglican Youthworks, Presbyterian Youth NSW, and the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT.

Today, Generate is an interdenominational Christian organisation which has worked in NSW public schools for more than 15 years, employing SRE teachers since 2005 and chaplains since 2007. Working closely with local church communities, Generate employs close to 300 staff, which are supported by a large network of volunteers.

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Get involved

Whether it’s through your next career move, volunteering, or participating in one of our internship programs — there’s many ways you can get involved with SU Australia!


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children, young people and families? Find your new role with SU Australia.

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As a volunteer leader you can become part of a local community where you’ll serve people and grow in your leadership ability.

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SU Internships offer a flexible learning and practical experience. Ready to transform your world? Sign up today!

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